What is FMRA?
FMRA is a framework for astral information developed by ÆOA to guide explorations of  the Spiritual SpatioTemporal Archetypes.

Desiring deeper clarity from Human Design and various traditional astrology practices ÆOA began to explore methods of further integrating these wisdom traditions into functional tools.

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FMRA readings

Due to the density presented within FMRA, ÆOA is now offering guided interpretations of your Natal Chart by offering his services as a guide. 

To schedule a guidance session with me in person in Topanga, CA or online:

please contact me here


FMRA with ÆOA 

My gudiance service includes:
     -- generation of your charts
     --transcription of charts into your functional guidance map
     --person-to-person sessions  ~1+ hour each, recorded for later review

FMRA GUIDANCE MAP (standalone)
    -- Personalized Functional Guidance Mandala

FMRA Relationship Sessions with ÆOA

      { person-to-person session } with each being in relation, one at a time

      { persons-to-relations session } reading where we stand together as a sovereign third party, examining & considering the trans-auric form, welcoming wisdom to guide the relationship together.