The calendar system that I have crafted is named FMRA [əˈfem(ə)rə] it is an expanded set of texts based on multiple authorships & interpretations of the I-Ching / Book of Changes integrated with Human Design and Gene Keys.

    It allows me a more comprehensive and authentic perspective on your chart than a typical Human Design or Natal Chart reading, somewhat like getting a second opinion from the doctor, this expanded philosophy set has guided me past many tense sticking points in my own chart, encouraging a more practical and deeper perspective in my astrological divination practice.

    My perspective in this work is thus: you are a timeless & boundless soul who chose a specific situation to open your eyes and learn from life. When we are born, our soul sits in the middle-realm known to the Tibetans as the Bardo, waiting and watching, looking for our parents evaluating the love we perceive. We choose our parents and are thus conceived and birthed. Initially our soul enters our body at the time of our "Essential Radiance" and then in the spacetime of our "Personality." This forms a unique crystallization of Karma know in Human Design as our "Incarnation Cross." It paves the beginning of our path to self-discovery as an activation sequence of our Purpose and Evolution in life.

    To walk in integrity in this life is a journey of making peace with the pieces of our selves and mending them together in the Beauty Way of our True Color.

    The natal chart is a gateway to getting a grip on our body, personality and environment, forgiving our shadows and freeing ourselves from the collective addictions of  Bitterness, Anger, Frustration and Disappointment by allowing and receiving the embodiment of Success, Peace, Satisfaction and Surprise. Truly accepting the excitement that comes when we accept ourselves as Artists of Being.