Greetings – My name is Alexander. 

I am an artist & independent researcher. 

My mission is to bring tools to humanity for every earthly human to attain earthly heaven.

Born December 5th, my Lifes Work of ䷄ “waiting to restore wholeness” has been a practice of ever deepening timeless trust. Evolving my ䷢hunger for progressive knowledge into the adventure of ䷓presence has allowed me to ䷠surrender to self-love & self-acceptance.  By developing the FMRA framework I have opened to a wholesome self-image and skill of sharing the pathways to ䷆integration by guiding my ䷷ancestral memories of ䷨origin into tangible artform. 

Below is my Human Design Bodygraph. I first saw this image in 2015, a year and a half after finishing my B.S. in Physics at the University of California. It changed my life. 

Having long pondered the alternative scientific perspectives of past societies, here in front of me was an integration of forms and cultures which in its essence, only has meaning to me.

I will never know if what I see in my bodygraph is what you see. Just like you will see yourself, uniquely; experience yourself uniquely. So do I.

You are free as I am. So am I.